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 We are in the month of December. Are you preparing for your festive holidays or enjoying your time with loved ones? How you Brighten Up yourselves? I created simple mixed media art journal. I love to see Flamingo pictures and colors. Have you checked the moodboard at Mixed Media Academy monthly challenge? December moodboard pictures inspired me to create mixed media art journal page. Pastel colours and flamingos are one of my favorites. This inspired me to make tropical theme with flamingos.. Flamingos are always stand for positive vibes. The brighten up situation is always 'live, laugh, love'. This month compulsory element is 'shadow'. So I have created shadow to the flowers and flamingos which feel like there are group of flamingos & flower branches behind it. Steps to make this page is as below: At first prime the base with gesso. i have taken my mixed media art journal book from itsybitsy. Allow the gesso to dry. Second step is cut the image you want to


 Hello everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. I have created gratitude themed page in remembrance of thanks giving. Here are the closer look of it.   I am participating in More than words main challenge for the month of November. I like the moodboard colours and took inspiration from it. And i created the art journal page 'Gratitude'.          I participate in Simon Wednesday Challenge- Make your own background , Creative Artiste Mixed Media Challenge and Mixed Media Lovers challenge 7 . The Clever Dexter challenge 23 is about thanks theme. this gratitude page is perfect for the theme.    Now the process of this page:  At first, select the page from little birdie mixed media art journal from itsy bitsy. Then i have applied  mont marte white gesso . After applying two coats of gesso, add little birdie mixed media paste 2 in 1 . I have applied mixed media paste through leaf stencil and dotted circle stencil.  After drying it, i sprayed Lindy's Starburst Spray in the sh

OM mixed media

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well.  This month theme for mixed media academy challenge is  "MIND OVER MATTER" and  compulsory element is "doodle".  Moodboard for the challenge is below : Each month is hosted different theme. Compulsory element means the element is must be visible in any form in the final project picture.  Here, i have to do doodling. Doodling is noting but continuous drawn image which doesn't have any particular meaning.  My DT project for Mixed Media Acaemy is below   November moodboard is full of energy and mind. The positivity in the universe spread from the energy created by us.  'Om' is the sound of universe. It is the essence of ultimate reality and binding everything in the universe. 'Om' is sacred mantra which is chanted in the beginning of meditation or yoga or any rituals.  All these made me to create "Om" home decor. I used mixed media paste, stone texture paste, spray and chalk paints. This