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First blog post

 Hello everyone.. how you doing?  I am Asha Kunchinadka. (pronounced as.. Aasha Ku-nchi-nadka). You can call me Asha.  I used to see creative arts and crafts done by mom. And i used see best out of waste crafts by a neighbour in my childhood days. All those made me to try something in art and craft area.       At first, i started to try water colouring in my school days. Then i have tried basic scrapbooking. I liked to cut the pictures which comes in magazines and papers. cutting and sticking was my go to activities during my school days. In later years, i have stopped the art and craft.      I live with my lovely husband in Bangalore. He is such a lovely guy who supports in every aspect of my life. In recent year, my crafting activities has started.I have started doing simple embroidery. Then tried scrapbooking ,quilling, card making, jewellery making, mixed media.        The name "Savyakala" which is chosen by me. 'Savya' means left hand, 'kala' means 'a