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Super Hero

  Hello everyone. How you doing? Hope everyone is staying safe. Today I'm telling about my dt project for mixed media academy . Mixed media academy is monthly challenge hosted with different theme in every month. This month mood board is gear theme or masculine.  I have prepared my design team project based on this theme. For this, i have prepared mixed media art journal page.   We all know mad Hatter on Alice in Wonderland. There mad Hatter had fear. He conquered his fear by understanding the reality. And he himself concluded fear as illusion.Likewise, I chose this mixed media page to remember ourselves as 'super hero' . We all have super power. The power to realise the happiness, calmness, courageous towards ourselves. Or by helping others to cheer ourselves from inside. This will happen only when we loosen our mind to relax by choosing healthy habits.Don't you think we are all super heroes. If you wish to participate, click here . If you want to know how i cr